Startup Program Canvas

Startup Kooperationen effektiv planen - Der mm1 Startup Program Canvas unterstützt Sie und Ihr Team, neue Kooperationen mit Startups zu gestalten oder bestehende Startup Programme zu prüfen und zu optimieren.

[Poster] Data to Value

Data-to-Value according to mm1 successfully supports companies on their way from data beginner to data master. To find out where you stand, request our method poster right here!

[Poster] The Sustainable Business Model Canvas

Our partner Threebility's Sustainable Business Model Canvas encourages users to consider all aspects of sustainability in business model innovation, and can be used in combination with the Sustainability Impact Canvas.

[Poster] The Sustainability Impact Canvas

The Sustainability Impact Canvas of our partner Threebility is an ideal companion for the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, as it allows users to identify both the positive and negative influences of their product, thus preparing for a realistic Impact Assessment.

[Poster] Corporate Lean Startup

Large companies behold with fascination the innovation speed and creativity of startups. In order to take advantage of the benefits of a lean, agile and innovative working method, we use the mm1 Corporate Lean Startup process model to demonstrate a path to increase innovative strength, decrease investment risks and achieve a cultural change towards an agile and customer-focused organization.

[Poster] Lean Startup

The mm1 Lean Startup Poster provides the first holistic overview of the concept of Lean Startup and Customer Development based on the publications of Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, and Steve Blank. The illustration shows the individual phases and facilitates the use of existing templates such as Risk Board, Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas.

[Poster] Scrum

Training document and project support for agile procedures.