[Trend Report] Development of the TV Market in the DACH Region: Trends, Media Usage, Streaming Services and Offers

The global Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, fueling the rise of streaming on-demand services. Their continued growth is driving changes in the future of television. Customers are no longer tied to broadcast times, but can watch what they want, when they want. Flexibility has increased the acceptance of using this paid content.

As more streaming services enter the market and libraries become more extensive, super-aggregators have an advantage by providing personalized content to their subscribers through the use of data and by offering better orientation and user experience through intelligent search functions.

Netflix, as an established streaming provider, competes for subscriber numbers with telecom providers and newer entrants such as Disney+. In addition to an overview of the IPTV and OTT offerings of telecommunications providers in the DACH region, the study highlights current TV trends in an international context, explains factors for OTT success, and provides an overview of the video-on-demand market.

The following contents can be found in the mm1 Trendpaper TV 2022:

  1. Pandemic impact and international market trends
  2. Overview of the TV market in the DACH region
  3. Video-on-demand market in the DACH region
  4. Netflix and Disney+ Paradox
  5. TV offerings from selected telcos


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