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Algorithm-based process for improving ambient air quality

Improving ambient air quality in residences using an algorithm-based process (pattern detection) that gives the resident ventilation recommendations

Initial situation and problem

  • Monitoring and improving ambient air quality is increasingly regarded as a factor for preserving the value of residential buildings (mold prevention) and for energy-efficient resident behavior
  • A scientific research project is intended to evaluate how ventilation habits can be affected by using sensors to monitor ambient air quality and by algorithmically calculated ventilation recommendations

mm1 approach and solution

  • mm1 Technology designs, develops and delivers a comprehensive pilot solution consisting of sensors, communications interfaces and a cloud backend to process the sensor data in real time
  • The core of the solution is an algorithm-based process (pattern recognition) that outputs action recommendations (ventilate yes/no) in a comparison of indoor and outdoor temperature and air humidity values


  • The mm1 pilot solution for energy-efficient ventilation habits was installed in several properties of the housing sector (approx. 50 residential units)
  • The effect of ventilation recommendations on the resident’s ventilation habits was measured across two heating periods
  • Scientific review in summer 2018 is still ongoing

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