Case Studies Data Thinking, Telecommunications

Analysis and reporting of the usage data of an IP-TV offer

initial situation and problem definition

Migration of TV data from a data warehouse to a Big Data platform and reimplementation of a reporting system. 

problem statement:

  • Competitive advantages cannot be achieved due to historically grown data silos with isolated and distributed data (data warehouse), problems of the current DWH: data quality, data velocity
  • Reports can only be created late or not at all, as data is only available with a delay of three weeks
  • Many requests, resulting in overload of the reporting team
  • Development and transformation into a Big Data platform
  • Development of a B2C TV Product without Sufficient Data Insights

mm1 approach and solution

  • Automated control and improvement of data quality
  • Requirements management and testing in the development of a new platform
  • Transfer of reports to the new Big Data platform (reduction of time delay to only 1 day)
  • Development and establishment of an analytical and automated business intelligence system
  • Design, development and maintenance of strategic management dashboards


  • Successful migration of the reporting into a new Big Data platform
  • Successful integration of usage data of a DWH into a Big Data platform with continuous reporting
  • Schnelle und fundierte Entscheidungshilfe für konsequente Ausrichtung an Kundenbedürfnissen
  • Einrichtung automatisierter Reportings und Analysen