Case Studies Data Thinking, Telecommunications

Analyzing traffic flows using the mobile network

Building a geo-marketing platform for traffic and flows of movement based on anonymized radio cell data

Initial situation and problem

Strategic decision for building a new big-data business field based on anonymized mobile network data.


  • There is no clear privacy framework regarding the usability of data
  • High system architecture requirements due to large amounts of real-time data, a multitude of data sources and real-time anonymization

mm1 approach and solution

  • Involve key internal and external stakeholders at an early stage to clarify legal conditions
  • Develop an iterative process model based on a minimal viable system and determine the investment case
  • Manage the project and direct the design and construction of the back-end architecture for real-time anonymization and data enhancement


  • The system architecture has been coordinated with and approved by the BfDI (Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)
  • The "minimal viable system" for ensuring time to market has been specified within budget limits
  • Successful market launch of the platform for the development of the new business area

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