Case Studies Connectivity, Digital Transformation, Mobility

Better information for passengers in the train

Supporting sub-project management for customer-oriented improvement of IT systems on trains and defining new digital services

Initial situation and problem

  • Fast and reliable information is essential for train travelers so that they can, e.g. reach their connecting trains and arrive at their destination conveniently and on time.
  • To ensure this, digital information products must be defined and implemented by intelligently coupling heterogeneous, divided IT systems.

mm1 approach and solution

  • Monitor the service and quality of traveler information (particularly while taking into account the expected customer experience) and define KPIs for service and quality management
  • Ensure fault clearance when there is lack of traveler information along coordinated KPIs (by allowing intra-departmental collaboration, among other things)


  • Better traveler information and optimization recommendations using test and customer feedback or experience from ramp-up and regular operation
  • Effective collaboration between departments such as marketing, IT and production with a mutual quality goal

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