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Campus networks (LTE/5G) market analysis and target pricing

initial situation and problem definition

Customer wants to position itself in the market or competitive environment of LTE-based private campus networks with its offering.

problem statement:

  • The target market is very young, immature and exhibits low transparency as well as pronounced horizontal and vertical fragmentation
  • Customer wants an objective market overview in order to obtain information on both pricing and go-to-market (G2M). In particular, information on market participants and their prices and price structures is of interest, as well as the willingness of potential customers to pay prices

mm1 approach and solution

Our framework consisted of three core components:

  • The competitive analysis provides information on the suppliers in the market. For this purpose, desk research, mystery shopping and trade fair visits were used to examine offers specifically with regard to price information and to condense information.
  • Market research provides information on price willingness in the market. For this purpose, expert interviews and online surveys were conducted. Specific price levels were determined by means of Van Westendorp
  • Recommendations derived from this include pricing model and G2M aspects


  • In a short time, a comprehensive picture of the international market and competitor situation was created
  • Our own market research results enabled us to develop a pricing model tailored to the market and to make recommendations for the market approach in general and the marketing (G2M) in particular
  • The optimal price level was merged from a bottom-up (using baselining) and top-down perspective (using Van Westendorp)