Case Studies Connectivity, Internet of Things

Interconnected door locks via a secure and powerful wireless system

Designing & developing a proprietary wireless system (sub-GHz) for access control

Initial situation and problem

  • A leading brand-name manufacturer of mechanical locking systems has been developing a product offering for electronic access control for several years
  • The essential components (locking cylinder, wall readers, etc.) are intended to be interconnected via a secure and reliable wireless system (SW/HW)
  • There is unsatisfactory progress on development

mm1 approach and solution

  • Perform a systematic inventory (requirements analysis, architectural review, code review)
  • Design a new architecture and essential system services (e.g. log on/off, OTA firmware update, encryption)
  • Implement in compliance with requirements and standards incl. certification preparation (e.g. EMC, R&TTE)

mm1 Technology



  • A secure and state-of-the-art wireless system has been designed and developed (e.g Diffie-Hellmann key exchange, mesh topology with dynamic routing)
  • The PCB design and antenna design have been optimized for performance and range for small/challenging installation spaces (metallic housing)

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