Case Studies Connectivity, Mobility, Telecommunications

Interconnecting mobile consumer devices across fleets

Designing, developing and introducing "automotive-grade" LTE upgrade hardware for in-car WLAN

Initial situation and problem

  • The client requires LTE-based connectivity hardware that can be used across fleets and meets all automotive requirements
  • The hardware is intended to give consumer devices the ability to connect stably via mobile WLAN
  • The hardware is intended to act as an "over-the-air" (OTA) managed access point

mm1 approach and solution

  • High-level specification of the HW/CAPWAP implementation incl. OTA management of device & FW
  • Perform international supplier selection


  • Manage HW development incl. optimize the performance and robustness of MIMO antennas for all European LTE frequency bands
  • Develop cross-vehicle antenna guidelines


  • The manufacturer became capable of developing automotive hardware incl. KBA approval
  • The first 100Mbit automotive WLAN solution in the world was launched
  • High session stability, even at high speeds and quick cell change via WLAN (and connection via German mobile network)

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