Case Studies Internet of Things, Mobility

Intralogistics: A digital platform for all warehouse processes

Market analysis, business model development and architectural design of a cross-ecosystem IoT platform (tier-1 automotive suppliers)

Initial situation and problem

  • Acquiring a startup for forklift tracking systems raises the issue of how the business model can be scaled
  • Merely selling the tracking systems is deemed insufficiently viable from a business standpoint
  • The role that the company can and should assume in the intralogistics ecosystem must be clarified

mm1 approach and solution

  • Iteratively develop a business model strategy (lean startup method)
  • Analyze the participant’s existing ecosystem & level of maturity ("Where is the deficiency?")
  • Outline an IoT intralogistics platform concept and describe the paths to monetization
  • The foundation for a platform/offering strategy for an "intralogistics hub" IoT ecosystem has been established


  • The client has followed mm1’s strategy recommendation and has established an "intralogistics hub"
  • The central use case of "tracking forklifts" has been implemented and additional iterative offerings have been developed
  • Additional offerings: Monitoring trips/routes, safety services such as collision prevention for lift trucks and roller shutters

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