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Modeling a data valuation process for an automotive OEM’s digitalization strategy

Modeling a data valuation process to develop the automotive OEM’s digitalization strategy

Initial situation and problem

  • An automotive OEM has made the strategic decision of entering the business with vehicle and environmental data
  • Vehicle sensors already develop and store a growing amount of data to that end
  • One issue needs to be resolved: how or what price mechanism can be used to valuate the delivered data

mm1 approach and solution

  • Identify and select existing methods for valuating IoT data (monetary/non-monetary)
  • Develop a valuation model that correlates the supply and demand side of the data provision
  • Include data quality, manufacturing costs and specifics of relevant use cases in the valuation model
  • Implement and prepare the model using exemplary data


  • A relevant contribution to the automotive OEM’s digitalization strategy has been made
  • A starting point for determining the value of data in the corporation has been established
  • An Excel-based prototype for testing the model has been implemented
  • Proposal to continue developing the process has been brought to the decision-making stage

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