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Smart Home: Optimizing the customer experience through organizational transformation

Holistic analysis and identification of organizational causes to improve the customer experience

Initial situation and problem

  • A leading smart home provider must deal with an increasing number of customer complains two years after entering the market
  • The existing development process and the procedure model are not flexibly adequate for integrating the growing number of partners into the ecosystem in a short period of time
  • There are a series of uncertainties and inconsistencies regarding responsibilities in the fragmented organization that has experienced fast growth

mm1 approach and solution

  • Set up an initiative for holistic analysis (e.g. people, processes, results) and identifying the causes to improve the user experience–according to the mm1 method
  • Perform a comprehensive data analysis and 53 standardized stakeholder interviews on all success factors, including consolidating the results into a "heat map"
  • Conceptualize a comprehensive target vision (incl. leadership, strategy, employees, partnerships, resources, processes, offering/product) to improve business success and continuously develop
  • Specific recommended actions on prioritized execution measures for short-term improvement of the smart home offering’s customer experience ("quick wins")


  • Shared awareness among all stakeholders has been created, as well as widespread support for the need to transform the entire organization to sustainably improve customer satisfaction
  • Quick implementation of the first improvement measures after 6 weeks and first, positive effects through optimized customer experience after 10 weeks
  • Initiate regular activities for continuous improvement and sustainable agile transformation (d.h. Scrum, Scrum of Scrum, DevOps, LeSS/SAFe)

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