Data-to-Value: How to turn your data initiative into a success story

Success through strategic data management

Efficient data management is the decisive factor for a company's success in the 21st century. The first part of our series on the topic of "Data-to-Value" deals with the implementation of a successful data transformation.

Read how you can use your own data treasure to achieve competitive advantages and go from being a data beginner to a data master.

the 3 levels of governance


How to make your data initiative a success?

Studies show that around 85% of data initiatives are rated as unsuccessful. From our project experience, we have compiled 9 commandments that eliminate potential stumbling blocks

the 9 "rules" of data success

Effective data utilization - where does your company rank?

The classification of your company is important so that the data transformation can be implemented efficiently. The differentiation into four categories creates an overview of the starting position and serves as the basis for the roadmap - the implementation plan for success.

the four levels of utility

Method poster – data-to-value

Data-to-value successfully supports companies on their way from data novice to data master. To find out where you stand, request our method poster right here!

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