Connectivity & IOT

Connectivity is the mother of digitalization. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, sound system, delivery van or rental bike: An increasing number of interconnected vehicles are making disruptive business models conceivable in the first place. There is no "one size fits all" solution for connectivity solutions.  There are enormous requirements for (mostly wireless) connectivity: Lower energy consumption, simpler cloud connection, lower costs, high data rates, greater wireless range, standardized provisioning, short cycle times and much more. Selecting the right connectivity technology is a key factor for the future viability of digitally interconnected offerings.  

Connected business champions use optimum connectivity technology for their digital offering. We assist in the design and technical execution process.

  • We provide support in designing, building and operating platforms for machine-to-machine connectivity.
  • We develop mobile network-based connectivity offerings with worldwide availability (e.g. for automotive applications).
  • We assist you with selecting the right radio technology and define the technical specification.
  • We check and validate connectivity solutions with realistic prototypes.
  • We successfully implement your connectivity plans with our partner, Wireless IoT Solutions GmbH.


We have already successfully supported numerous Connectivity projects:

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