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High expectations for additional added value are tied to digital transformation. Tapping into the expected business potential requires the ability to capitalize on the growing and diverse volume of data in a targeted and efficient manner. In many companies, however, the data sources that are relevant for this purpose are divided across various departments, locations and responsibilities. In this case, innovative projects quickly encounter "homemade" limits.

The possibilities of data-based business models are becoming evident in more and more industries. However, the "raw data" must be meaningfully processed before profitable information and attractive offerings are created.

  • We help our clients generate, master and utilize data and tap into business potential from data and artificial intelligence.
  • We assist companies in many different industries in order to tap into data-based business potential together with the relevant stakeholders in the company.
  • We integrate data science in each necessary legal, financial, organizational and technical bundle of measures.

To that end, we offer a proven combination of consulting and execution service with our data thinking framework. Experienced consultants create connected business strategies, business models and products; furthermore, they manage execution, market entry and transformation projects. Combined with our proven partner network consisting of experienced data scientists, system architects and software engineers, we implement and operate solutions for generating, analyzing and visualizing heterogeneous data from divided sources.

We have already successfully supported numerous Data Thinking projects:

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[Poster] Data to Value

Data-to-Value according to mm1 successfully supports companies on their way from data beginner to data master. To find out where you stand, request our method poster right here!


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