Digital Strategy & Transformation

From a small company to a large corporation: The digital revolution brings profound changes. What was important yesterday may be irrelevant today. Business models are re-defined and digital skills are becoming important. Organizations that manage to provide their services in a more agile fashion and simultaneously keep pace with the digital infrastructure – networks, hardware and IT platforms –, are ahead of the game in digitalization.  

The digital revolution calls many things into question. Only those who master digitalization will have long-term competitive success.

  • We analyze digital trends and ecosystems for our clients.
  • We help our clients align their business models and customer interactions with the conditions of the digitalized economy.
  • We help define a digital vision, derive measurable goals and define the strategy (including OKRs - Objectives & Key Results).
  • We support the implementation of a so-called Value Creation Office with the purpose of systematically identifying and managing initiatives to achieve company objectives.
  • We evaluate the digital maturity level of business units and companies.
  • We accompany digital transformation of technology and operations with a holistic view for customers, employees, vendors and IT systems.
  • We manage large IT infrastructure projects with sound project management know-how.
  • We help develop the digital capabilities of the organization and employees with state-of-the-art methods and training measures (including Scrum, Agile@Scale, SAFe, Lean Startup, Design Thinking). 

We have already successfully supported numerous Digital Transformations projects:

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