Digital Transformation

From a small company to a large corporation: The digital revolution brings about profound changes. What was important yesterday is irrelevant. Business models are re-defined and digital skills are becoming important. Organizations that manage to provide their services in a more agile fashion and simultaneously keep pace with the digital infrastructure–networks, hardware and IT platforms–, are ahead of the game in digitalization.  

The digital revolution calls many things into question. Only those who master digitalization as a connected business champion will have long-term competitive success.

  • We help our clients tailor their business models to the conditions of the digitalized economy.
  • We make teams agile and assist organizations with contemporary methods and training measures (Agile@Scale, Lean Startup, Design Thinking) in their transformation.
  • We manage large IT infrastructure projects with well-founded project management know-how.
  • We support process transformations with a holistic view for customers, employees, vendors and IT systems.

We have already successfully supported numerous Digital Transformations projects:

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News from mm1 about Digita Transformation

Digital Workforces – Mindset und Kultur

On March 21st, Carole Häusermann of mm1 Switzerland gave a keynote on "What mindset & culture does the (new) digital workforce demand?" at the F Ective event in Zurich. While doing so, she particularly shed light on why cultivating a unique corporate culture is important, what the central driving forces of the digital workforce are, and how mm1 Switzerland managed to attract this talent.

Interaction, service, emotion – digitalization is forcing insurers to change the way they think

Why should insurers slowly but surely rethink their current process for approaching customers? What will be important in communication in the future? Monika Schulze, Head of Customer & Digital Experience at Zurich Insurance Group and Marie McKelvie, Head of Content & Creative at AXA Insurance, discuss this issue in an exciting webinar on January 25th. Katrin Kämpfner has summarized the most important points.

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