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For mm1, Scrum is an excellent example for successful and structured application of fundamental values like team work, agile working style, and customer centricity. By designing the mm1 Scrum Poster, mm1 provides a high-quality overview of Scrum as a free download.Read more

The world market leader for molecular diagnostics, Qiagen, has set itself an ambitious growth target of 20 percent. However, entry into new business fields requires thorough yet efficient analysis. In order to speed up this process and develop an accurate recommendation for market entry, Qiagen turned to the innovation experts at mm1.Read more

mm1 Consulting & Management was represented at the Global Innovation Forum in London on the 22nd and 23rd of February by its partners Volker Scholz and David B. Hofmann. mm1 partner Volker Scholz as chairperson inaugurated and hosted the first day of the forum.Read more

mm1 Consulting & Management presented at the PM Forum 2011 in Nuremberg a method to combine classical and agile approaches in project management.Read more

Normally projects are drawn up and carried out on exclusively agile or classical principles. In the process the advocates for each methodology are often extremely skeptical towards this. The purpose of this article is to combine these two worlds and to bring their different philosophies together profitably.Read more

m³ is a very simple and effective method, which changes companies from the inside by starting with its core, its employees.Read more

The iPhone has changed the smartphone market. But what are the reasons behind this and will the success story continue? Read more on the background and future prospects in an article published in "mobile zeitgeist SPECIAL" magazine.Read more